What some of Silly Soapy's clients have said!

Emily Westone 16/07/2018
"Thank you so much for doing the party today - you were brilliant and so good at getting some order to the party for us too which we much appreciated.  Jasmine and Jessica loved it and all the attention too, secretly I'm sure.  You're so good at what you do!  Thanks again "

Rena Naylor 07/02/2018
"A big wonderful thank you for the brilliant way you entertained my 7 year old grandson! He woke up this morning and asked  ''Can she come again today?'' All the children enjoyed it thoroughly, as well as birthday boy's 18 year old sister. Her 8th party was also done by Soapy! Your energy and smiling face made the kids just love you! Thanks! "

Anya Richie 02/01/2018
"We thought Silly Soapy was amazing and we had so many positive comments from the other parents after the party. She was able to manage 35 excitable children entirely on her own, allowing us parents to sit back and relax! The children loved her games and magic tricks and she made the birthday girls feel extra special. As Sophie’s other reviews say, she has an impressive ability to remember all the childrens’ names and this helps immensely. 
I would recommend her unreservedly as someone who can bring fun to your children’s party and reduce the stress of thinking about how to entertain lots of children. Her fees are comparatively very reasonable too! Thanks very much Sophie."

Mandy 04/12/2017
"I have to say, you massively surpassed my expectations. 
You were, by far, the best entertainer we have come across. Your ability to hold all the children's attention, when some of them were 2/3 was amazing! It was fun for them from start to finish. Thank you so much for welcoming each child, and your amazing memory of names, very impressive. 
You made our job as hosts so much easier than I could have imagined, and it felt very relaxed, all the children and parents loved you. 
Thank you again, brilliant" 

Becky Anderson 01/04/2017
'Thank you for entertaining at my daughters 5th birthday party. You had her and her ( 30) friends engaged for 2 hours and ensured everything ran smoothly, not just for the entertainment, but from sitting them down for food, doing the cake, to handing out party bags at the end. It completely took the stress out of it for me! You made my little girl feel extra special as well as her brother....and as for your ability to remember every childs name...amazing! Thank you

Lucie Walkland 20/12/2016
'Thank you for being so brilliant at Grace's party! I think my kids will be talking about you for a long time. You had all the children completely spellbound from the moment you arrived. I shall be recommending you to anyone who'll listen!!" 

Becky Wood 24/08/2016
'Silly Soapy' captivated my 4 year old's ( and his friends) attention from the 'get go'. They really warmed to her and loved participating in the magic. Lots of happy, smiley faces and giggles at his birthday party, so thank you! Would rebook you in a heartbeat!" 

Emma Hands, Daventry (March 2016)
"Thank you for a brilliant party last Saturday. The children were entertained non stop for 2 hours and the whole thing ran like clock work. Everyone had a fantastic time and had the opportunity to try out some great circus skills and be mesmerised by magic. A lovely party with a difference.  Thank you Silly Soapy."

Darren Earl, Northampton General Hospital (December 2015)
"I would just like to say thank you for entertaining the children at the party. This was the first year we have held a staff children’s Christmas party and it was a great success. I must admit I’m amazed at your memory for name retention, I sometimes struggle to remember mine lol. I would certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues. Once again thank you  and hopefully see you again in the future."

Jacquie Turner, Geddington (July 2015)
"Thank you so much for your excellent entertainment skills at Emma's party! The children loved it and I've had so many lovely comments about the 'amazing' party and it was 'awesome' etc. I think you chose excellent activities/games for the garden and it was lovely to watch most of the children joining in or sitting quietly for you when you needed it and you gauged their attention spans perfectly to fit in with food etc :). I'm slightly in awe you remembered 25 children's names instantly! Couldn't have wished for a better entertainer - I would definitely recommend you to other parents."

Simon & Julia, November 2014
"Silly Soapy was recommended to my wife and I via a friend on social media as a great entertainer for a child’s 6th birthday party. After visiting her website and viewing the information we contacted Silly Soapy and after describing our needs for entertainment at a 6 year olds party, with 25 children present agreed to her suggestion of a circus tricks party.  This turned out to be a great idea as most of the children had never done anything like it before.  Silly Soapy was very quick to learn the names of the children and made a real fuss of the family members children that she already know the names of.  I have never seen so many children that were completely engaged in a party before and many parents were congratulating us on a great party after the event, which was mainly due to the great entertainment. I will definitely be recommending Silly Soapy wherever in future.”

Simon, November 2014
“ We booked Silly Soapy for a 6 year olds party with 25 children. I have never seen so many children that were completely engaged in a party before.  Great entertainment and the children loved it. I would definitely recommend Silly Soapy.”

Simon and Jo Harrison, West Haddon (September 2013)
"I can only reflect on how my daughter light up from the moment Silly Soapy arrived. She never stopped smiling, had so much fun, her class too as most of the reception year attended her party. Silly Soapy continues to amaze and entertain, I had forgotten how fab she is. Truly, I would never look anywhere else, the comfort and ease she works with the children in a way that they have such a fun time can only be understood afterwards when children and parents alike talk of Silly Soapy leaving with huge smiles and fond memories.

My little girl had a grin ear to ear today, so too the other children who came, you can't buy that, but Silly Soapy can deliver it. She'll make your little one feel so special, she'll make the whole party special.

You made my princess feel like a princess, for that I will be always truly grateful."

Louise Chistian, Stanwick (June 2013)
"Thank you so much for the wonderful party you gave Esme and all her friends on Saturday. Esme had a fantastic day & doesn't stop talking about you...even has your hairstyle today!!
How you remembered everyone's name amazed me and lots of the parents! 

You were truly fantastic, thank you for making a very happy birthday girl & for giving me some lovely memories!!"

Tanya Carpenter, Kettering (March 2013)
"Thank you so much Silly Soapy for entertaining the children at my daughter's party today, I was very impressed that you entertained them at all different ages, we will definitely book you again, my children and the other children's parents thought you were fab and at a very affordable price! "

Ranjit, Grange Park (February 2013)
"I just wanted to thank you again for yesterday, everybody loved you, lots of positive comments from other parents and even hubby was impressed. Reena was asking about you before bed, asking where you'd gone and where clowns live and if she'd see you again, but she also said "mummy, clowns aren't that scary and I like them now" which is progress to say the least!! "

Vicky Powell (October 2012)
"I just wanted to say thank you once again for Saturday. Jessica & Daniel had a fantastic time, & I have to say, it was the first party where my daughter didn't cry or have a meltdown, so that show's how much she enjoyed it!!!
You were fantastic with the kids & I had lots of lovely comments made by the other parents,
I will be recommending you to everyone"

Rachel Perkins (September 2012)
" THANK YOU so much for doing a brilliant job of keeping such a vast range of ages happy and entertained at Mum and Dad's golden wedding party last Saturday.  It was great to see everyone having such fun and learning new skills too!  Enjoyed by all, and it meant a lot of happy parents too, whose children were kept busy, allowing the parents a great chance to catch up with friends and family in peace!! Thank you once again."

Louise Glaze (March 2012)
I just wanted to say thank you so much again for making Eric and Paige's party so special on Sunday.  All of the children had a fantastic time and it was amazing the way you kept them all so engrossed for a whole hour.  Eric still says every now and then, "I like Silly Soapy". 

Carmela Parton (November 2011)
"A big thank you for what you did at Lana and Daisy's party! They both really enjoyed it and so did all their friends/parents! It was lovely to see them all talking about it on Monday morning at school and them telling their teachers...some where even doing your wiggle!!

Paul and Alison Watling (August 2011)
"Just a quick note to say thank you for all the hard work you did at Jayden's party yesterday. All the children really enjoyed themselves with the activities you chose to do with them- being different from the usual party games, the plate spinning was a particular favourite. The parents were also impressed with the format and content of the activities. You engaged with each and every child and your memory for names was very impressive. Thank you again for a hassle free party. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends and family."

Matilda Mount (May 2011)
"I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful party yesterday. Bethan loved it and it was wonderful to see all the children gain confidence and join in so beautifully. You were recommended to me on the basis of being gentle and engaging and having an unusually good manner with children, and I am delighted to say we saw all these in abundance! Your name-learning skills were also very impressive!"

Paula Beeching, Deanshanger (December 2010)    
Jason and I would love to say thank you. Harrison absolutely loved it ( it is great as a parent to see him like that) and so did all of the children and their parents I think we may have set a trend!! We all loved how you knew their names and interacted with each one you were/ are brilliant. I may however have some parents to answer to when they are a few plates short.......I'm also pleased you came for the 2 hours I especially loved the parachute games.


Cheryl White, Paulerspury (September 2010)               
"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a huge thank you for the hard work and wonderful entertainment at Cerys' 5th birthday party.
The parents and children haven't stopped talking about it.  Cerys says it was the best party ever and has already requested another next year please!  It is amazing how in a short space of time you memorise their names, control the most unruly of children and manage to involve the extremely wide age range we had (2-9 years).
Thank you doesn't seem adequate to express how much we appreciated how easy you made it for us to ensure Cerys had a party to remember!  She wants plate spinning things for Christmas!!"

Simon Harrison, West Haddon (September 2010)
"As always when you look for an entertainer you have those inevitable doubts as whether they will be any good. Let me assure you Silly Soapy is the best, we found her via the web and net mums, we booked her on the basis of her web page. I then heard great things from a lot of various sources from the train on the commute to swimming lessons, to all those I mentioned her name to their face lit up as much as my children did today (age 2 and 5).
She will complement and complete your day.   I would highly recommend her without a doubt. We have had a hassle free hour, in which she held the childrens' attention giving us time to kick back.    I'd choose Soapy any time, because she's worth it, so too are my kids, who by the way went straight to sleep tonight!

Victoria Cowley, Harpole (October 2009)         
Silly Soapy, you were fantastic!  Thanks for making William’s 4th birthday party so very much fun.  How you managed to engage 24 pre-schoolers for 2 hours I will never know, but you deserve a medal!  Thanks again.  I will recommend you to everyone I know!"

Shevaun Gunthorpe, Wellingborough (May 2009)      
I don’t know where to begin to express my thanks for the superb Circus skills and games you provided for our Christening/First Birthday party.  I was really struggling to choose the right entertainment that would entertain such a variety of ages, including girls and boys.  From the two year olds up to the 10 years olds, you not only held their attention for a non-stop hour and a half, but with ease encouraged the shy and less confident children to join in.

I have received endless thanks from parents about how wonderful the entertainment was and what a great idea the Circus skills workshop was.  I really don’t deserve any of these thanks.  Circus skills was your suggestion and I didn’t lift a finger!  However, in a funny kind of way – by far the greatest compliment was from two children leaving the party in tears, because they didn’t want it to end!

Without question, you are a 5 star entertainer, and I am so pleased I found your website."

Sharon Boot, Rushden (December 2008)  
Thank you for giving my daughter a wonderful birthday party yesterday.
You really made her feel special for the entire party and all of the children really enjoyed themselves!  I was impressed with the way you remembered each of the children by their name and the way you took all of the hard work out of the party for me! Thanks again for making the day so special.

Keith Westhead, Kings Heath Resident’s Association (August 2008)   
Our committee would like to express their thanks for your attendance and wonderful Silly Soapy Clown performance for all the children at our Kings Heath Residents' Association Fete on Saturday 23rd August.

It was good to see the kids participating so much instead of just watching, they really enjoyed themselves and got involved. We have had several favourable comments from the parents too, and already some kids were asking when you would be coming back!

The committee were initially just a little worried when we invited you because some of the kids around here regard themselves as a tough little bunch, and we hadn't had a clown at any of our fetes before, but you came well recommended. However, we need not have worried as you quickly had them enthusiastically following you, and they were soon engrossed in taking part in the variety of activities you led them through.

Very many thanks indeed for your enthusiastic hard work in bringing an afternoon of happiness to all these children, it is something they will remember.

We will certainly recommend you locally, and hope to see you again in the future."

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